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Jacksonville Brake Repair & Maintenance

Anti-Lock Brakes

Most automobiles today are equipped with anti-lock brake systems (ABS) as standard equipment. ABS is designed to improve stopping distances, while helping to maintain control over steering—and is particularly useful on slippery surfaces. ABS basically takes over in a panic stop with computerized sensors, pulsing the brakes on and off repeatedly and rapidly to help prevent the wheels from locking up and your automobile from skidding.

Maintenance and automobile:

When you start your automobile, there should be a light on the dashboard reading BRAKE, ANTILOCK or ABS. If the light stays on or flashes, there could be a fault in the ABS system and you should have your automobile, truck or SUV inspected immediately by a professional. Bring your automobile to the mechanics at Jacksonville AAMCO.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a specially formulated liquid used in the brake hydraulic system. Brake fluids absorb moisture over time and can become contaminated.

Maintenance and automobile:

Fluid should be replaced as a preventive maintenance service, and may need replacement every two years or 24,000 miles. Please refer to your owner’s manual for factory recommended maintenance intervals for your specific automobile. Bring your automobile to the mechanics at Jacksonville AAMCO.

Brake Pads, Shoes, Drums & Rotors

The brake pads and shoes are the wearable elements of the braking system. Rotors and drums are metal and more expensive to replace.

Maintenance and automobile:

Your automobile’s brake system should be inspected annually to ensure everything is in good working order. Brakes over time will wear out, so eventually they will need replacement. Catching brake problems before you reach the metal-to-metal point (likely to mean replacement of rotors or drums) may save you money, so if you have any of the common symptoms of brake trouble, have your brakes checked promptly by a Jacksonville AAMCO mechanic. Symptoms of brake trouble include squealing brakes, a spongy or hard pedal when you press on the brakes, or grinding brakes. your local Jacksonville AAMCO auto repair shop offers a wide array of services for brakes, from inspections to brake fluid changes to complete brake jobs.

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